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Members are encouraged to join one of our many committees and activities in order to help further the efforts of Bike&Walk Montclair. Our committees are listed below. To volunteer your time to a committee or to learn more, please contact us.

  • Communication: This committee keeps the community informed about issues and events related to bicycling and walking. (
  • Education: The education committee is focused on educating members of Bike&Walk Montclair and the community on safe cycling techniques, pedestrian safety, and other issues. This committee coordinates the many classes Bike&Walk Montclair offers. (
  • Group Rides: This committee organizes and runs group rides throughout the year including fun after-ride activities for Bike&Walk Montclair. (
  • Membership Management: This committee is resposible for organizing and managing Bike&Walk Montclair membership information. (
  • Outreach: This committee spreads the word about Bike&Walk Montclair, develops our membership base, and liaises with other bike and pedestrian advocacy groups in the area. (
  • Tour de Montclair: The TdM committee plans the premier annual event of Bike&Walk Montclair. This committee is made up of further subcommittees that work together to form this great ride and event each spring. (
  • Volunteer: This committee works to coordinate the efforts of Bike&Walk Montclair volunteers. (



Communications Committee
Kimberly Alvarado, Chair
Tom Conlon
Lori Loebelsohn
Lina Panza
Sergio Saravia
Tiffany Robinson
Education Committee
Dickson Lane, Co-chair
Paul Mickiewicz, Co-chair
Bill Feeney
Sue Moore
Cyndi Steiner
Sergio Saravia
Group Rides Committee
Sergio Saravia, Chair
Laura Cohen
Cynthia Cox
Patrick Gerini
Dickson Lane
Lori Loebelsohn
Paul Mickiewicz
Sue Moore
Gail Prusslin
Norman Rosenblum
Cyndi Steiner
Membership Management Committee
Tom Conlon
Sergio Saravia
Shelley Tonner
Laura TorchioVolunteer Committee
Rika Alper
Kimberly Alvarado
Laura Nulman
Outreach Committee
Tiffany Robinson, Chair
Martel Catalano
Karen Lutz
Kezie Nicholas
Gray Russell
Andrea Silk
Kimberly Alvarado
Tour de Montclair Committee
Rika Alper, Co-Chair
Ted Friedman, Co-Chair
Stephane Mortier, Co-Chair
Tom Conlon
Helen Fallon
Lori Loebelsohn
Drew Masters
Paul Mickiewicz
Sue Moore
Andrea Silk
Geordie Smith
Bill Solomon
Laura Torchio
Christopher Drukker

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