Bike Parking

Here is an interactive map of all bike parking in Montclair.  You can scroll around to see what destinations around town offer bike parking, and you can click on the bike icon for a picture and more detailed information.

Note: Only the bike racks at Montclair State University that are within Montclair’s municipal boundaries are shown.  For a complete map of bike parking locations at Montclair State, see this map.

Do you see an error on this map or a missing bike parking location?  Let us know so we can make this map more accurate.  Please send any corrections or suggestions to, or leave a comment at the bottom of the page.
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Types of Bike Parking

Meter Racks- With generous funding from the Partners for Health Foundation, Bike&Walk Montclair installed 52 of these bike racks in 2013.  They are located in commercial areas around town.  The best thing about meter racks is that they attach to existing parking meters, so no expensive concrete foundations are needed.  These are a cost-effective and practical way to make sure that all of Montclair has access to convenient and secure bike parking.


Comb Racks– These kind of bike racks can be found at many Montclair schools, parks, and public facilities.  They can accommodate plenty of bikes, but since the front wheel locks onto these bike racks, sometimes they can cause a bike’s front wheel to be bent.  Or worse, someone could detach the front wheel and steal the rest of the bike!



Wave Racks- This type of bike racks is common at Montclair State University and can be seen at a few other locations around town, such as Watchung Plaza.  As you can see, they are formed by a metal bar that is bent to form a “wave’ shape. They don’t have the wheel-bending problem that comb racks have.



Inverted “U” Racks–  These racks consist of a curved metal bar connected to the ground on both ends, forming an upside-down letter “U.”  A variant of this kind of rack has an additional metal crossbar, forming a letter “A” (like the ones in the picture).  They are essentially the same thing. In 2013, Bike&Walk Montclair won 10 of these from Reliance Foundry, a manufacturer of metal bike storage racks.  Thanks to generous donations from the community,  Montclair Center BID, Montclair Township, and the Partners for Health Foundation, these exciting additions to the community are now in use in front of Montclair businesses. In addition, Partners for Health installed more of these at Bay Street, Walnut Street,  Watchung Avenue, and Upper Montclair stations in November of 2012.

Ring and Post Racks-  The Montclair Center Business Improvement District installed several of these in a few locations around Downtown Montclair.  They consist of a metal upright element with a circular metal piece, providing a secure place to attach a bike lock.  They have the advantage of not taking up much space.



Spiral Racks–  4 of these exist in Downtown Montclair, installed by the Montclair Center Business Improvement District.  Bikes go through the spiral and locks can be placed around the top part of the spiral’s loops.