2013 Bike&Walk MONTCLAIR MOVES! Tour de Montclair Takes a Break

Three Cheers for The Next TEN Years!

Our 2013 THEME is Bike&Walk MONTCLAIR MOVES! and it’s all about getting active – both physically and through advocacy. By using our voices and feet we can change the world – one step, one rotation, one conversation at a time.  Bike&Walk Montclair is launching its second decade with a generous grant from the Partners for Health Foundation to kick off Bike&Walk MONTCLAIR MOVES!

The grant will fund our first part-time staff as well as walking groups, smaller biking events, bicycle repurpose & repair & swap, expanded bike education, a bike&walk-friendly business campaign, town wide bicycle parking, and more. All these projects are designed to make it easier and safer to walk or bike in daily life.

Tour de Montclair Takes a Break

After 10 years of organizing and hosting the popular community “Tour de Montclair”, bike ride, walk and festival, Bike&Walk Montclair volunteers are shifting gears and resources to work with their new Executive Director to expand bicycle and pedestrian awareness and improvements in the community.  Although we’re proud that 10 years of Tours have created the expectation that we’re running this event, we had to make the tough decision to switch gears this year. Through Montclair Moves! we hope to galvanize members and volunteers around advocacy, education and initiatives this year so that we can make the Tour 2014 bigger and better than ever!

Get Involved!

If you’ve participated in the Tour, Bike Classes or other BWM events during the last 10 years, this is your call to get more involved so we can keep these popular community traditions coming year after year. Become an active member and really get involved in making Montclair more walk- and bike-friendly and help keep the Tour de Montclair an annual tradition.

Our goal is to increase membership to 2017 by 2017. It’s so easy. Just click here to renew or become a member – $40/family, $25/individual or $15/student or senior.

Or contact info@bikewalkmontclair.org and let us know how you’d like to be involved.

There’s no “they” to do it – only us. Come on – be one of us! bikewalkmontclair.org

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