Who We Are

Bike&Walk Montclair was founded in 2002 with the idea that Montclair could one day become a safe haven for walking and bicycling.  Today, we’re a dedicated group of volunteers who envision bicycling and walking as a safe, appealing and feasible choice for all users


Bike Parking

Here is an interactive map of all bike parking in Montclair.  You can scroll around to see what destinations around town offer bike parking, and you can click on the bike icon for a picture and more detailed information. Note:


BikePed ED

Knowledge is Power! Bike&Walk Montclair believes the best way to achieve our goal of more people walking and bicycling on safe complete streets is through a combination of fun events, acvocacy and education.  We wish to expand our community knowledge

Our Mission:

Bike&Walk Montclair advocates for a community that embraces safe biking and walking for all.

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